Why Defining the Next Decade Exists?

Stage with people sitting in chairs of a Defining the next Decade event at Google

We are excited to launch Defining the Next Decade platform. It is a culmination of a long journey and this feels like the next step for this idea. To understand what Defining the Next Decade is and what it will be is to first understand the origins of the idea.

Our Purpose

We are dedicated to sharing ideas for positive impact in our cities. These ideas are across the areas of Science, Technology, Social, Political, Art, Culture and Business. That is the need that this platform is created in order to serve as inspiration, to give hope, a belief in each other and a better tomorrow. We do that through in person events and content.  

The Seeds

My name is Maxwell Kangkolo and DTND was born out of my own hope and frustration. The seeds of this hope were that we can dare to imagine a future that we can be excited about. A hope that tomorrow I personally and we as a society can make new choices that shape a different future. A belief that if we each start in our communities and discuss the best ideas that will have an impact on the world. My fears stemmed from consuming negative media. News about all the horrible things that are happening in far away places that made me feel powerless. A fear for what can happen to our society and communities if we don’t act. An overall frustration that we are not sharing more stories that inspire the soul rather than expire the soul.

Our History

Those were the nutrients for the soils that Defining the Next Decade grew out of. It was launched in 2016 in Los Angeles as I was a part of the Global Shaper (initiative by the World Economic Forum) and this was my project in the Los Angeles hub. Since the beginning the idea has been supported by communities and organizations of amazing people such as Global Shapers of Los Angeles, Sandbox, Co.Creation Loft, IXDS, Trinet, Google, Silicon Valley Bank and General Assembly.

We have grown to 3 cities (Berlin, Los Angeles and San Francisco) and hosted over 6 events on topics such as Future of Being Human, Gender Equity, Governing by Design, Affordable Housing, Between Creativity and Technology and Beyond Trends: Meaningful Innovation for the Next Decade.

Our Hope

We want to be a place and platform to promote dialogue, find inspiration and a place to exchange the best ideas from our cities and communities that can move us to a more sustainable and thriving future. We hope to provide spaces where we can get together to talk and take action. This platform is currently a labor of love. We want this to be a community however that does not mean that we are not accountable and we should not hold each other accountable. We encourage civil debate and to push and expand our perspectives.

We are not content specialist or media experts. We are people that believe in this idea of sharing stories towards a more positive and impactful future.

How You Can Help?

If you have ideas, passions, concerns, process improvements, whatever they might be please share them with us.
If you are interested in sharing your ideas and becoming a contributor please sign up here.
If you are interested in hosting events in your city please email us at definingthenextdecade@gmail.com
We are excited for another amazing year and appreciate you being a part of the journey and community.

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