Futures for All: How Futurism can help Define the Next Decade

This article was co-written with Travis Kupp When people discuss the future, they often have many ideas and perspectives that inform their vision of what it will be. Futurism is a field of study that brings various methodologies and practices to exploring and imagining the future in a structured and disciplined fashion. The field has evolved significantly since its inception over half a century ago, when it began as a…
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Open laptop with matrix code on the screen

Beyond Cybersecurity: Internet policy and its relevance to our lives online

I am a technology policy professional. I have worked on technology issues in both federal and local government, as well as internationally, and will be starting my PhD in the subject this fall. This is an understandably vague topic, as it’s not as clearly-defined a field as finance, agriculture or health care. When I tell people I work in this field, they invariably ask: “Oh, like cybersecurity?” I don’t work…
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