Imagined Futures with Margaret Trainor

Who is Margaret Trainor and what is most important for people to know about you? The most important things for people to know about me and what I value most about myself is that I have a fair amount of irreverence both for myself and the people around me. Another thing they should know is that I am an optimistic person and I think you pick up on that when…
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Imagined Futures with Benjamin Tirone Nunes

Who is Benjamin Tirone Nunes? The question of who I am has been influenced by the places and people that I came into the world around. I am a culturally diverse person. I grew a mix of cultures those being Portuguese, English, German and Italian. I grew up in Portugal going to a german school and then speaking english at home. I was influenced by Italian food through my mother,…
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People sitting at a table with laptops open, laughing with each other

Finding Your Career “Sweet Spot”

Growing up, I spent hours in the batting cage, perfecting my baseball swing just to be able to hit the ball perfectly.  I remember how gratifying it felt when I struck the pitch with the “sweet spot” of my bat, and the ball flew off my bat into the field at a lightning pace like a missile. Even though my baseball career is over, I now help others experience that…
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