Our Story

In today’s world, it’s increasingly becoming more difficult to be optimistic about the future. Given the current economic, environmental, political and social climate at times it easy to become jaded or pessimistic about the prospects for the world, we will live in.

Defining the Next Decade is a movement to change that. We want to change the conversation and paint a picture of optimism for the world we want to see in the next 10 years.

We are bringing together the leaders who are shaping the next decade of positive change in cities around the world. Our events focus on promoting discusses on how we are building a more positive future for the city of Los Angeles, Berlin and London.

In a communal setting, we will meet with leaders in our communities who are actively tackling big problems. Further knowing isn’t enough we want these leaders and pioneers to share more about how young people (people in general) can take action and get involved.

We want people to remember that change starts when we change the ideas we believe in and support. Which means each of us has an equal opportunity to shape the future we want.