What We Do

“I am interested in the place, the places, where history is met by the hope of the human soul, life’s longing for itself. I am interested in hope on this side of the grave — for me there is no other kind — and in that tidal wave of justice that could rise up if only we would let it.”

Victoria Stafford

Defining the Next Decade is sharing the stories and ideas of individuals who are making a difference in their communities. By finding those who are already creating change and sharing their stories, we are leveraging communities to make exponential impact.

We are bringing together the leaders and the local community who are shaping the next decade of positive change in cities around the world. Our events focus on promoting discussions on how we are building a more positive future for the cities of Berlin, Los Angeles, San Francisco and London. 

We host events, where we bring the community together and we meet with leaders in our communities who are actively tackling big problems. Further knowing isn’t enough we want these leaders and pioneers to share more about how people can take action and get involved in shaping change in their city.

We have content on our platform where we are share the ideas that are shaping the world of tomorrow. We are place that is dedicated to sharing ideas that are having a positive impact in our cities. These ideas are across the areas of Science, Technology, Social, Political, Art, Culture and Business.